Thursday, October 14, 2004

DCeptette: Everyone's missed their connection version.

  1. Tales of Craigslist: A couple of days ago, Hotmail's "Soo Kang" went out on the musicians board at Craigslist, seeking "a pal to talk shop with" and maybe take in some shows. Predictably, Craigslist immediately produced someone willing to beat her to a pulp. Congratulations, Craigslist--through your efforts, we may very well stamp out the disease of sincerity in our lifetime, and replace it with feckless indifference. (Craigslist, with many follow-ups).
  2. More tales of Craigslist: Missed connection poster accidentally authors new Dashboard Confessional song. Ooops! There goes that feckless indifference again! (Craigslist)
  3. More on Senator Dayton's massive panic attack. Bob Ney says: "One could generally say, 'Don't ever some to Washington for the next ten years.'" But, hasn't he heard? Washington's getting some sort of baseball team! (Post)
  4. Leiby gets admission from Graydon Carter: "...I also thought that irony would end after September 11th." It's all in his new book: How George Bush Defeated My Shallow Trendspotting by Transforming 9-11 into a Triple Banana Split of Sweet, Delectable Irony. (Leiby)
  5. Sometime later today, perhaps tonight look for debate coverage on Blue in the Face. In the meantime, Ana Marie saved her best live blog for last. (Wonkette)


Rock Creek Rambler said...

"Missed connection poster accidentally authors new Dashboard Confessional song"

Haha! Classic. Somebody should put together a book of poetry comprised solely of CL postings, and then title it "The Worst Book of Poetry, Ever."

Anonymous said...

CL posts = awesome.

sifting through rants and raves, casual encounters, and m4m, may day is often brightened by the rare diamond in the rough. it's always worth the searching.