Friday, October 29, 2004

DCeptette: Fielder's choices version

  1. Sean Taylor, the recent rookie acquisition and impact safety for the Redskins, achieved a personal milestone this week when he joined that fraternity of DC athletes who get nailed for DUI. It's been an odd year for the rookie, who went from being nearly blinded by LaVar Arrington in camp, to shining in the preseason, to falling out of favor at the start of the regular season, to finally having an impact on the field of late. DCist notes that he missed part of the NFL's mandatory rookie symposium. After some research, we discovered that two of the breakout sessions the day Taylor skipped were "DUI arrests: sooo passe" and "Hey, Watch Out for the LaVar Arrington Guy, Because He's Crazy." (DCist)
  2. World of Craigslist: I think someone's going to cry themselves to sleep listening to her Cat Power albums tonight. (Craigslist)
  3. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is making Ashlee Simpson jokes. So, now that's played. (Names and Faces)
  4. DC Council entertains the madding crowd on the subject of taxpayer funded baseball stadia. Williams, scheduled to speak late in the hearing, figures he hasn't really shown up for this issue thus far, so why bother starting now. Great Marion Barry quote: "This is the biggest stickup by Major League Baseball since Jesse James was doing train robberies." Ummm, Jesse James did robberies for Major League Baseball? Barry added: "Nobody could refute what I said." That's true, Marion, that's true. (Post)
  5. Some good news: whether they win the election or lose the election, after next week, the GOP will be getting the fuck out of Arlington. (Post)

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Castor OiL said...

Lavar does say crazy shit which is odd because most of the time he comes across as being really smart. Maybe he just gets whacky to amuse himself, (like who doesn't). As for the Wiz, it's going to be another long and dispiriting year at the MCI Center. You know when you're bringing Laron Profitt into camp and he looks better than your so-called starters that things are still in pretty bad shape.