Friday, October 15, 2004

DCeptette--Fingernails and Ass Ebola Version

  1. World of Craigslist: Enraged Metro-rider composes highly-charged south-of-the-border beat poetry beatdown, namechecks Aztec Shamans and The Hot Zone and "exploded anal-oil-glands." Holy shit. Holy, holy shit! (Craigslist)
  2. People are outraged that Tony Williams has put city workers to work solicting letters of support for the baseball stadium plan. But who else is going to do it? Adrian Fenty says: "I think [government workers] have other things they need to do with their time." Really? The Deceiver says that if DC government is like most governments, this is probably the first honest work these folks have done in months. (Moonie Freakjob Daily)
  3. Prince William County Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Richard A. Conway, speaking on the Lee Boyd Malvo case, says that arguments against the death penalty for juveniles are "psychobabble." Quoth Conway: "Defendants are individuals and juveniles are individuals, and whether something happens the day before or after the day someone turns 18 is hardly dispositive of the appropriate sentence." IN OTHER WORDS: "I see your psychobabble, and raise you a hot creamy handful of legalese, bitch!" (Digest of Republican Fucknuggetry)
  4. Georgetown student Polly Burokas moves into off-campus housing only to discover that the world outside Hoyaland isn't lined up to wait on her hand and foot. So she writes a column about her social ineptitude. And Georgetown continues to tout itself as one of the country's most prestigious universities? Even Jenna Bush is smart enough to strategize a local crash-pad for when she's too wasted to form complete sentences. Tune in later this winter as Polly and her Cracker roommates freeze to death and are carried off by wolves. (The Hoya)
  5. Jon Stewart will be on Crossfire tonight. I tell you this only to satisfy the ninny-ass curmudgeon who thinks I should be crucified for spelling his name wrong. (Hatchet)

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