Tuesday, October 12, 2004

DCeptette: Folie a deux, a madness built for two edition

  1. Be on the lookout for a kilt wearing mooch, "completely untrustworthy and a bastard to boot," who may be documenting your wedding. The DCeiver despises people who make the kilted look bad. (Craigslist)
  2. Republican Charles Floyd desperately flails in attempt to unseat Chris Van Hollen--sets up spoof sites with Van Hollen's name. But hey, if this was 1998, that would be wicked tricky. Floyd tells the DCeiver that is he's not elected, he will not hesitate to employ a "Van Hollen is a douchebag" flash-mob come 2008. (Post)
  3. Wonkette finally notices that Votergasm hasn't caught on in DC. Umm, when it comes to the nexis of sex and politics, isn't Wonkette the Gatekeeper? Shouldn't some mysterious dark force be sending the Keymaster to to find her at the Common Grounds Coffeehouse in Arlington to set this sticky mass area-Votergasm off? And wouldn't it be both scorching hot and pleasingly ironic if the Keymaster turned out to be Michelle Malkin? (Wonkette)
  4. The Red Line delays that greatly anger the Wife of Deceiver seem to be continuing. But good news for people trapped on the Orange Line--the 3Y, which runs down Lee Highway from Woodrow Street all the way to Rosslyn, then into DC to K Street/MacPherson Square, is FANTASTIC. Ease the crowded inbound Orange and ride in warmth and comfort for $1.25. (WMATA)
  5. Very quietly, the Washington Wizards lose their preseason opener to the Pacers. (Post)

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