Wednesday, October 06, 2004

DCeptette: Hanssen's disease for everybody edition.

  1. Michelle Malkin's dream steady: "Kyle is 27, and has fair hair and blue eyes. He thinks that pornography leads to sexual deviance and that homosexuality is an abomination. He opposes sex outside marriage and proclaims his abstinence." Ugh! Dullsville! If this guy and Jessica Cutler ever came into contact with each other, isn't that like matter and anti-matter? Wouldn't the world explode? (The Hill)
  2. Representative Charlie Gonzalez rips on ex-wife during act at the Improv. The guy who got all up in my grill about the post I did about Wonkette and the Minotaur Eaters shows up, heckles: "That's so inside, you jerk! Dumb it down! Dumb it down!" At least no Mark Halperin references are reported. (The Hill)
  3. People are being mean to each other! Holy shit! Say it isn't so! Ahmed Chalabi's BFF Christopher Hitchens says: "Frankly, I think much too high a value is placed upon civility." Hmm. Well, frankly, I think much too high a value is placed on Christopher Hitchens. (Leiby)
  4. According to the Washington Post, new schools chief "finds widespread failure in D.C. schools." This is news to him? Was he living down a deep hole? (Post)
  5. UVA Professor Justin Gifford has been removed from his job after leading his class to the Blue Ridge Sanitarium, where they broke in and illegally strolled the grounds--the class was taking a field trip to orient their moods toward the work of gothic fiction writers like Poe. We certainly wish that this matter had been tended to with a good deal more common sense, but one part of the article caught our attention: "Gifford said police scolded him, saying he exposed the students to asbestos and leprosy." Uhh...leprosy??? You mean I went to school there for four years and never knew there was some place on grounds where I might contract leprosy? Duh! Do you think a simple sign that read "WARNING: ENTERING THIS AREA COULD PUT YOU AT RISK OF CONTRACTING A DISEASE FROM THE 18TH CENTURY!" could have solved everything? (Post)


Rock Creek Rambler said...


I'm pretty sure that scurvy was fairly common among those of us who ate at O Hill.

The Deceiver said...

I got the BAD FOOD SUPER VOMIT LAUNCHES from the Tree House once and O-Hill once. But if you can forgive that, O-Hill...what ambience!