Tuesday, October 05, 2004

DCeptette: Swimming upstream edition

I dare you to swallow it. Posted by Hello

  1. Ugh. Baby snakeheads. Not even close to cute. (Post)
  2. Local free-speech dust-up at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High momentarily confuses Leiby, who starts dishing on our Colonial American forebears. Alex Hamilton accuses Jefferson; Madison of having a "womanish attachment to, and a womanish resentment against Great Britain." And don?t get him started on the Sally Hemings? "sex etchings". (Leiby)
  3. Former Terrorism Czar Richard Clarke is set to pen a "geopolitical thriller", saying, "Fiction can often tell the truth better than nonfiction." Details over the plot are hush-hush, but we hear the basic gist is the story of heroic terrorism expert Tichard Tarke, who races against the clock and fights against naysayers in his own department to prevent President Torge Tush from committing a colossal cock-up in the war on terror that could cause the world to explode into a million tiny little pieces. Along the way, Tarke romances Undersecretary for Defense Tindsey Tohan, and rocks out with his band Tanz Terdinand. (Leiby)
  4. Lulu?s Club Mardi Gras terrorized by basketball players from G-Dub. Players were identified from the Colonial?s athletic website after putting two bouncers in the hospital. It makes you long for the day that the GWU Men?s Hoopsters were all either 4?11" or in desperate need of a green card. (GW Hatchet)
  5. Have the fears of lead in your water eased somewhat? Good. Good. You deserve a moment to yourself. Relax. Sit back. Just breathe. Okay, so, your water is now totally crawling with bacteria! Aren?t you glad I gave you that short break? (G-Town Voice)

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