Tuesday, October 19, 2004

DCeptette: "We get our kicks above the waistline, sunshine" version

  1. Tales of Craigslist. At last, a band willing to describe themselves honestly. For maximum success, though, they need to move to the Lower East Side and troll for talent outside Pianos. We're guessing they already have the black suits. (Craigslist)
  2. The Washington Post today TOTALLY has the inside dope on the kickball-enthusiasm trend, which would be impressive if it wasn't three and a half years too late. Next July, look for the WaPo to thoroughly get into "that flash mob stuff we heard about on CSI: MIami." (Post)
  3. Mayor Anthony Williams, wandering off to Beijing, is impressed by the "brashness" and "vitality" of the place. Notes: "Our police would have totally locked up those Tiananmen Square protestors, too." Plans are made to bring a diminuitive kung-fu acrobat home and team him up with the most incompetent and vaguely effeminate African-American cop at MPD in a crime-fighting partnership rich on "laughs, also collateral property damage." (Post)
  4. Jesus, the Post is making us laugh today! Check out their flu shot story. Reporting would be one thing, Stan Hinden seems to want to pen a purply, triumph-of-the-human-spirit screenplay instead. Good luck at next year's Toronto Film Festival, Stan! (Post)
  5. WMATA announces it will be having a town-hall meeting on November 16, 2004. Dovetailing with other town-hall meeting trends in the news, Metro riders will be encouraged to identify the person who is making the Metro suck for everyone else, after which we will be directed to vote for that person's execution. So, fun for everybody. (DCist)

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