Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Five Question WEST WING Study Guide: "President Bartlet Goes to Camp"

DCist does everyone a service by providing you with the means to avoid watching the West Wing. If you want to avoid watching it go read it instead. The DCeiver, in other forums, has already made his position on the disaster The West Wing has become under the guidance of John Wells perfectly fucking clear.

But for those of you who did watch it, we wanted to throw out a few questions for further study:

1. The Donna Moss Medical Predicament--was that not the most pulse-pounding, seat-of-your-pants hair surgery you ever witnessed?

2. There was worry that Donna, as a result of her hair surgery, would "lose cognitive function". After the surgery, the restoration of her brain functioning is demonstrated by her saying Josh's name three times and asking if he was...well, him. While that's plainly enough sentience to go on being Josh's lapdog, it's pretty low as far as cognitive faculty goes, isn't it?

3. My sister-in-law has already dubbed Mary McCormack's character "Mandy II". Discuss: is she totally right on this point, or, rather, absolutely fucking right?

4. Martin Sheen swimming laps: you didn't buy that either, did you?

5. Congressman Haffley shows up at the White House mid-episode and starts acting like a total dick. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the actual White House have like, guards and stuff that will shoot you if you pull shit like that?

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