Friday, October 15, 2004

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

You've probably already heard about Jon Stewart's performance on CROSSFIRE today from the delovely Ana Marie Cox--who did, in fact, do the actual reporting and make the actual phone call she speaks of: a friend witnessed her doing so at one of Clarendon's popular haunts for telecommuting wi-fi junkies. (He asked The Deceiver, how, in that setting could he approach her and say how much he enjoys her blog because, after all "she's, um, working." We're no expert, but I would suggest to anyone out there who wishes to approach Wonkette while she's at play in the fields of Nick Denton to do so with vodka. We can't imagine the encounter goes poorly after that.)

Everyone should, indeed, peep the transcript of Crossfire. So revealing...the many ways your press have transformed themselves into marbleheaded animatrons of smug, million-dollar vanity and celebrity-obsessed self-frottage.

I'll have more to say on this matter. More to say and elsewhere to say it, along with the ever ballooning debate critique. By the by, I am sorry if the constant plugs to the mommy and the baby sister are annoying. The DCeiver has a mission that I struggle to keep pure, while simultaneously positioning it in an orgy of synergy that is, I'm afraid to say, eventually going to lead to me trying to sell you some cheap crap.

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