Monday, October 25, 2004

Life is gettin' EZ in the 202.

Everyone is talking up the news that blessed EZ PASS has found its way to the Dulles Toll Road at long last. We got the news in a helpful phone call from Elissa Ewalt, Provider of the Pixies Tickets, this weekend. Chest cold seemingly on the wane, and with the Sister-in-Law of Deceiver in town, we got in the automobile and headed out for the Fairfax hinterlands.

At the toll booths, SMART TAG is still the advertised means of bypassing the long lines, but you should take note of new signage. It still says "Smart Tag", but the signs are changed--they are purple in color now. Sensing that EZ PASS rebranding was afoot, but uncertain as to whether it had taken place, we paid with quarters. But, as we got off the Toll Road at the Fairfax County Parkway, we were overjoyed to see the gate, which had previously stood in my way mockingly, demanding a quarter, instead bounced skyward in a gesture of respect and abeisance that all seasoned EZ PASS members recognize.

If you are part of the seventeen million person caravan that regularly drives to New Jersey and New York for Thanksgiving, there are two things you already know. One: the package stores stay open later in Newark. Two: EZ PASS makes the trip 900% better. No one should have to stay in Baltimore one second more than is necessary--EZ PASS ensures that you will not. More to the point, I've seen the best of my generation graduate from college and reach AARP membership age while waiting to clear the toll at Port Deposit. EZ PASS can help prevent this atrocity. Now, local residents can get on board, and with word from DCist that a westward expansion is in the works, connecting the EZ PASS system to points Midwest.

Trust the Deceiver, EZ Pass is a great purchase. When you contemplate the possibility of four more years of the Bush adminsitration, remember--there are some freedoms that can't be taken away, so long as those freedoms are mounted to your windscreen with sticky tape.

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