Friday, October 08, 2004

Out and about.

We stopped off at the Olssen's at Courthouse this evening to pick up our weekly digest of gripe and bitch (aka this week's Washington City Paper and The Nation), and ran into Bob Schieffer giving a talk. Obviously another whistle-stop on his 2004 Pimping Myself To America Tour. Schieffer looked elfin and spry, and he was practically standing in the laps of the folks in the front row as he discussed the upcoming debates, espesh the one in Arizona, which he is moderating. I think he thinks he gets top billing at that! I would not be surprised if Schieffer ended the debate by appearing in a sequin-covered waistcoat and bowler, singing the titular ballad from Cabaret.

At any rate, Schieffer mentioned how people across the country were tuning into the debates. He said he'd been several places where people are "throwing debate parties like people throw Super Bowl parties."

So, it's not just us, here in DC! That's a relief to know, as the "DCers are dorks" meme has been buzzing the blogosphere lately. DCist remarked how dead the streets seemed during the Cheney-Edwards showdown, and the piss-yourself-it's-so-funny blog DC: DORK CITY has been running with it like a bandit. But if you take Schieffer at his word, it would appear that while we may be the wonkiest bunch of dorks that ever thought K Street was going to be our Sex In The City, debate fever--seen across the country raised to, as Schieffer says, "Super Bowl" level--has dorkified a nation to some degree.

So, the next time you're told those of us in the DC-Metro area are out of touch with the rest of the world, remember what I've told you and know that we're more like regular folks than we get credit for being. Now, someone out there answer me this: what is this "Super Bowl?"


Castor OiL said...

You know I read that DC Dork thing and try as I might I couldn't even get a single drop of pee to come out on myself. I guess I just don't get it, at least on a piss yourslf level.

The Deceiver said...

Try reading it while hooked up to a prune juice IV, like I did!