Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Redskins and Green Bay

Friend of Deceiver and area turntablist extraordinaire Paul Vodra has alerted us to a news item that may have bearing on this Sunday's game with Green Bay. Quarterback Brett Favre, star of There's Something About Mary and considered by me to be the second-greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL (Bart Starr being the first), is going througha serious bit of trouble in his family--his wife, Deanna, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is making for a happy cancer-filled week, huh? The good news: Deanna Favre was released from Sloan Kettering after undergoing a lumpectomy, will undergo a series of chemotherapy treatments, and is expected to make a full recovery.

For his part, Brett Favre has uncannily rebounded from personal adversity with stellar performances on the field. This past week, he passed all over the decent Dallas defense at Lambeau. The Redskins, a good run stopping team that can be stretched down the field, may be at risk from another Favre barnstormer.

The Deceiver will actually be in attendance at FedEx Field this Halloween for the Green Bay game, thanks to the generosity of The Diner's editor, Travis Mills, and his John McCain lookalike father. The Deceiver has only been to two other Redskins games, lifetime. But both times--and feel free to factcheck me on this--we went to the Superbowl and won. One was a 28-0 drubbing of the then Saint Louis Cardinals during the strike shortened season of '80-someting. The second was the NFC Championship Game against the Minnesota Vikings that led to the Doug Williams/Timmy Smith dismantling of the Denver Broncos. Both times, The Deceiver was proud to wear the colors and lustily cheer for the home sporting concern. This time, for reasons beyond the game, that might not be the case.

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