Friday, October 01, 2004

Some forgotten shoutouts.

You know, I've could take more time to perfect the beat, but I still got love for the street. Sometimes, though, you have to take the time to perfect your love for the street, or else you get beat. And that's not neat. Or complete. It doesn't play well in Tikrit.

So, I gotta mention two other members of the B to the L.O.G. Osphere who have shown the DCeiver some generosity. The Rock Creek Rambler and the Information Leaf Blower are two very fine blogs, and you should read them, every lovin' day, until you are old and decrepit and swimming in your own crapulence. Then, you won't be able to read it anyway, and, of course, by that time, they'll be beaming blogs directly into our brain.

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Anonymous said...

Another new kid on the block.