Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Tale of Two Internets

When George Bush talked about "rumors on the internets" at the debate tonight, alarm bells went off for me.

You see, deep down I knew it. There's another internet out there. And things are much cooler there. On the cooler internet, Choire Sicha sniffs coke off of Hillary Duff's backside, and there's no Craigslist for Chrissakes, and Wonkette in the cooler internet has Ana on a live cam drinking absinthe while Carling Dinkler rolls around in a ball gag and tutu, performing for her pleasure. And actually, probably none of that is happening, because none of that is probably cool because lame me is talking about it from my lame point of reference on this lame internet that I was convinced was the cool internet until Bush spilled the beans tonight.

As a friend of mine said tonight: "When you think about it, if you're on the same internet as John Athayde, you can't possibly be on the cool internet." To which I replied: "Who the fuck is John Athayde?" Exactly.

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John said...

That would be me.