Friday, November 12, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!

Curious thing: NYC nu-wave darlings Interpol come to town, and DC can't stop buzzing about...Full Minute of Mercury? Ha! Take that, Lower East Side! To steal from VH1, the FMHg Fun Bunch are totally having the Best Week Ever, and if you are still unconvinced, I'd suggest you hop on out to the Velvet Lounge tonight and see for yourself. And, hey, FMHg, feel free to take a victory lap on us, you've earned it. With Rockbot and Karmella's Game, doors open at 8.

I'm sorry, but it's hard not to be a little bit peeved at Blake Gopnik's puerile, pissy takedown of Art-o-Matic in the Style Section, this week. You'd think Art-O-Matic fucked his mother or something! Well, we think Art-o-Matic is the bee's knees, so go to it, already! Art, music,'re gonna like something. And, Blake, give the fucking goggle-eyed cultural elitism a rest, okay? Maybe if you do, we'll end up with a President who's more likely to fund the arts.

Jay Parini
We applauded when Wonkette defended the South's honor by citing The DCeiver's favorite American author, William Faulkner (our favorite work: Pylon). If you're a Faulkner fan, or are simply a fan of people who like to talk about Faulkner, or if you are trying to get into that AU English major's panties because she can hold her bourbon and her South Carolina accent makes you dizzy with carnal thoughts, head over to Politics and Prose this Monday and listen to Jay Parini talk about his new book, One Matchless Time: A Life of William Faulkner. Afterwards, you and that AU coed can go back to your place and make some hot sound and fury.

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