Friday, November 19, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!

If you've been itching to get you ass on the dance floor, we've got a weekend of old, new, and fortified. The Black Cat's spinning synthpop tonight and 80's alt-pop tomorrow, Copacetic and the Lemur Loungers drop FUNKSKEREM at Meskerem in Adams Morgan tonight, with special guest Mojo Jones, and DC9 continues to flog its Liberation Dance Party, with special Friday night guests Dogs Die In Hot Cars, who'll spin--and likely not beat match--once they have rested their case at the 9:30.

Look. You just KNOW that National Treasure movie's going to stink like the alley behind the DCAC. And be full of continuity errors. Like that West Wing episode where the President drove from the White House to State by way of the National Cathedral?! So stop. Don't do it. Brave the Silver Spring streets this Saturday and take in On The Waterfront at the Silver, and discover why it was that Lloyd Cole namechecked Eve Marie Saint in his song "Rattlesnakes."

Now that you've partied your ass off and dodged the Orange Alert Bomb that is the new Nicolas Cage movie, it's time to prove you are a contender. Get on out to the Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run this Sunday at 1pm for their 18th Century Threshing Day! They will teach you how to thresh your own wheat, and provide refreshments for a mere three piddly bucks! This will be a valuable skill for when Bush's Ownership Society kicks in and we'll have to thresh our own wheat anyway (as well as pave our own roads). 6310 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA.

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