Monday, November 15, 2004

DC United bring sports glory to Washington!

A champion for DC! Posted by Hello

Dude. We were totally remiss to not mention the men of your DC United, who have returned to the heights of the MLS once again. After enduring a year of Tony Kornheiser braying about how the only thing the United had going for it was Not-Yet-Ready Freddy, it satisfies us to no end that our UVA homeboy Alecko Eskandarian--who was frequently benched so that Freddy could get some PT--came up with the two goals that made the difference.

And yeah, Kansas City fans, we've seen the replay of the second goal. Why don't you go open your newspaper...that's right. Turn to the sports page. Open it up. See...right there? It says you lost, 3-2. And you know what? No matter how many times you look at it, it's gonna say the same thing. So, see you next year.

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