Thursday, November 18, 2004

DCeptette: All Zones and Meters Version

  1. The DC Cab Strike. My, that was a harrowing couple of hours wasn't it? Hope you stocked up on milk and toilet paper, because it really was the eve of destruction for all of Western Civilization. Luckily we'll always have the Washington Times account of the day to look back on with nostalgia, and of course, they frame the story as an epic struggle between the Good, the Bad, and the Inconvenient. Truly we are all survivors. (Eye of the Moonie Tiger)
  2. How typical that this happened in SIlver Spring, that dark slum of the soul. A Silver Spring woman was convicted in Federal Court yesterday for keeping an immigrant girl as a slave. Well, indentured servitude is a part of the Ownership Society, after all! Still, now that we read that this woman is facing 25 years in prison for this, we at The Diner Media Empire are going to have to let go of about fourteen people we had previously classified as "interns". Guess I'm back to doing my own laundry. (WJLA News 7)
  3. World of Craigslist: First, word is getting out there about counter-protests at the inauguration this January. The DCeiver will so totally be avoiding that scene and will entreat the relevant parties for access to our Fortress of Solitude on the Upper West Side. Second, when you factor in the title of this missed connection, don't you feel a little bit skeeved?
  4. Leiby wants to know where the sexiest politician is? Umm, duh! Gavin and/or Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, San Francisco, CA. We're happy to have helped. (Leiby)
  5. "Family" groups in Maryland attack student "gay-straight" groups for "promoting homosexuality" and "encourag[ing] teens to be sexually active." First off, isn't there a whole a priori problem with believing that homosexuality is promoted in a gay-straight club? Isn't it more reasonable--and by "more reasonable" I mean "totally fucking obvious"--to assert that the prior existence of gays and straights drove the formation of gay-straight clubs? And secondly, can't we all be mature enough that the encouragement of sexual activity can be found, well, EVERYWHERE? This is such nonsense, and yet, I think this is one of those areas where kids freaking get it. I mean, these high-schoolers and junior high kids seem to feel an innate societal need to at least try to bridge these gaps between peoples, but as soon as their parents stick their little toe in the water it gets all fucked up beyond recognition. Typical, typical, typical. I'm not saying that our parents don't pass on SOME useful stuff to us, but ALL of the horseshit we walk around believing--indeed, the pronounced capacity of some people to worship solely at the altar of horseshit--all that, every bit of that, comes from mommy and daddy. We are born horseshit free, people. We say huzzah and kudos to these kids, and encourage them to keep trying to detune their brains from the numbskull channel. And this has been another episode of: The DCeiver, Yelling at America. (Tashington Wimes)

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