Monday, November 08, 2004

DCeptette: Back from the funeral version.

  1. With DC deeply divided on how to proceed on the baseball stadium matter, and time running out to get the matter settled before the new DC Council Members turn a yes vote into a no vote, Linda Cropp saw an opportunity to do what she does best: offer a deeply stupid and universally disregarded alternative. (Post)
  2. WMATA Chief Executive Richard White, who had previously spurned the Metro system for the privacy of his own automobile, recently saw the Joe Pesci movie The Super and was apparently so moved by the tale of a hard-hearted industrialist whose soul was touched by a bunch of poor tenement dwellers, that he has resolved to take the Orange Line to work from now own. We just want to remind Mr. White that it's no fair if he's just going to sit up front on the driver's lap. (DCist)
  3. "It's been a bad year, the commuters whine / For tragic heroes on board the Red Line." Read the Post for why the Red Line commuters deserve a city-wide pity party. (Post)
  4. A warning to motorists: Regional deer are expected to be getting their swerve on soon. As a result, be prepared to get your own swerve on behind the wheel, as the DC-Metro deer orgy spills into the streets (Moonie Freaks)
  5. Take heart, Democrats. All the good bars in town belong to us. (The Hill)

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