Tuesday, November 09, 2004

DCeptette: Cage that tiger version

  1. Well, today's the day for the big DC Council Showdown on the Future of Baseball. Here's what you should know: First, he's got the votes, thanks to some lame duck council members who have resolved that having spent their careers not listening to the people, aren't about to start now. Second, Linda Cropp has apparently put together yet another plan--we hang our heads at the typical "get things done at the last minute" Council bullshit, but we love RFK. Can't you find it in your heart to love RFK, MLB? Third, when you ask the people, the people want a non-publicly financed team called the "Senators". Well, people, prepare to be disappointed. Finally, DCist says that surveys say the advent of a DC baseball team will draw people away from the Orioles. Good. Fuck the fucking Orioles. Fuck their sideways assholes. Fuck them with a splintery stick dipped in turpentine. (DCist, Post)
  2. World of Craigslist: CLer goes off on Dave Attell, claims to be just as funny, ugly; states: "I want a show where I cam roam around drink at full tilt." Hmmmm. We're not sure, but maybe The Beltway Boys is hiring... (Craigslist)
  3. Montgomery County high school students have all the fun as officials set up an obstacle course and put them through a drunk driving simulation. While this "simulation" is effected by having the participant don a pair of funky-ass goggles that distort reality to the point that you might vote Republican or come to believe you are inside an Outkast video, The DCeiver has long been the proponent of a drunk-driving amusement park ride--where people get wasted and, like, tool around in Nerf automobiles so no one gets hurt. Who's against this? (the Moonie Sue Pukey)
  4. Let me see if I can sum up Post rock critic Joe Haim's take on the Soledad Brothers' IOTA show: "Dude. Holy shit! This is awesome! Yes!! Fuckin' rock and roll!! Yes!! Hell fucking yeah!! I love the loud fricking ROCK!! This is so awesome!!! I am actually enjoying myself! I am actually having a good--uh...wait. I'm having a good time. Oh no...IfeeldirtynoIhatethisbandpleaseindierockmakemecleanagain" (Post)
  5. Apparently, Bush's Iraq-man on the NSC, Robert Blackwill, has been known to put his Cloisters neighbors off their breakfast by allowing unfettered access to his morning constitutional through his un-curtained windows. For everyone who wishes there was greater transparency in Iraq policy, be careful what you wish for blah blah cakes. One question: why do we not have a Wonkette live cam on this yet? (The Reliable Source)

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art the loser said...

listen to the people of dc? like that's a good idea? no wait, marion barry certainly thinks so.