Wednesday, November 17, 2004

DCeptette: Nobody who matters calls it "Reagan" Version

  1. Saints be praised! Someone gets it! (The November 3rd Theses)
  2. WMATA holds the first ever "Town Hall" meeting for passengers in an attempt to answer questions and assuage concerns after the past few months of Metro history brought us Red Line insanity, drivers walking off the job, busts made for candy bar chewing, floods incapacitating the system, and the now universally beloved culminating event in which two trains in the Woodley Park Station spontaneously decided to sodomize each other. WMATA patiently answered questions posed by moderator Bob Levey, sought feedback, and promised to answer the remaining questions on their website within a week. What WMATA did not do, however, was tell the horrible truth: "It's the boy. The boy! He...makes us do those things...he makes us crash the trains and flood the tunnels. If we don't...if we don't...[whispering] he'll do terrible things to us...terrible things..." (Post)
  3. Again, we beseech Peter Marks--If you want to fucking write about the New York theatre, quit your fucking job at the WASHINGTON Post and fucking move to New York City and fucking stay there. Until then, stay right the fuck here and review our shows, because no one, and I mean NO ONE, and I'll say it again, for emphasis--NO FUCKING ONE here is Washington gives two tugs of a dead dog's cock what is going on in the New York Theatre scene. If we cared, we'd fucking move there too. (Post)
  4. Karl Rove, emerging as frontrunner for Time's "Person of the Year" is reportedly outpolling God. He's got better favorables/unfavorables too. (Leiby)
  5. Has anyone noticed that if our baseball team becomes the Washington Nationals, it becomes the first sports team in history named after an airport?
NOTES: We should have mentioned this, but if you are looking for The Passion of the Gibbs featurette, it's over on DCist, now, and fortified with a lot more goodness. Look for previews on Friday and game summaries on Monday.

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