Tuesday, November 16, 2004

DCeptette: Stylized Ampersand Version

  1. Hmmm. Apparently there's a little, shall we say, unrest in the nation. Yemeni terror informant, despairing over being prevented from seeing his family, does his best imitation of Rage Against The Machine's first album cover. We hoped for a Craigslist Missed Connection today ("You, swarthy, with sad eyes, totally covered in flames...are you seeing any of those guys you were wrestling on the ground with? If not, call me and we'll cover ourselves in Sterno."), but to no avail. (Post)
  2. More unrest. Another deeply troubled individual jumps White House fence. I'd seriously start getting used to this. And by the by, I am so splitting this town over Inauguration Weekend. (WTOP)
  3. The battle for DC Baseball seesaws again, this time in Mayor Williams favor, as Councilwoman Cropp's deal with BW Realty strikes many councilmembers as unfeasible. Cropp is leaning toward pushing the date on the vote back again in order to run out the clock; will reportedly use Councilman Harold Brazil's planned absence as the cause for tabling the vote. Given Brazil's historical uselessness, this could be an adequate way of tabling the vote perpetually. (Post)
  4. Tales of Craigslist: Local band needs help: do they suck or not? Hmmmm. If you are asking the Craigslist community, I think you are sort of answering your own question. (Craigslist)
  5. Jerry Falwell: "The people who hate George Bush hate him because he's a follower of Jesus Christ." Are you kidding? The people who hate Bush wish he would follow in Christ's footies, preferably right up on the cross. We hear the President even owns his own timber company! (Leiby--scroll to the bottom, but don't miss Scalia and his hot, hot orgy talk)
  6. Oh, and, don't forget. DC Blogger Meetup tomorrow night. (DCist)

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