Wednesday, November 10, 2004

DCeptette: Turn off the bright lights, I'm trying to sleep!

  1. Ooooohhh, SNAP! DC Council Chairwoman Linda Cropp gave DC Baseball the Heisman* yesterday as she tabled the scheduled vote on the stadium financing plan for two weeks as she attempts to secure an alternate plan that would largely privately finance the project. We're skeptical about her chances, but we're overjoyed at the comical underpinnings, as per usual. Again, we maintain that there are probably about 10,000 people in DC who would support a DC baseball team, so we think a stadium that will fit 15,000 people is adequate--even generous. This is the fucking Expos, after all. Do you disagree? Hey, well, send me an email at (Post)
  2. World of Craigslist: Arlington's "Party Scene?" Ummm, yeah. Tell you what, guy, maybe it's time to consider whether the reason everyone who pretended to be your friend has left you has more to do with you than you've previously thought. (Craigslist)
  3. In other DC Council news, your elected officials have rejected a measure that would have barred the shipment of hazardous materials through Washington, DC. Carol Schwartz complained that "there is an agenda here, and the agenda is to make the administration look bad in this area, and it is a national agenda." Ummm, actually, Carol, we're trying to keep the administration alive! But you're right, Carol, the longer the President stays alive, the worse he looks. We can't fault you for wanting him to die in a malathion explosion. (Post)
  4. If you see Arlen Specter today, give him a hug! And remind him next time to not say the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud. (The Hill)
  5. Speaking of the Heisman, did any DC Blogger actually go to the Interpol show last night? Don't tell me there was a total media shutout! Well, that's a crying shame, because our subway, she is a porno, too! Just look at the picture! Anyhoo, we love Weirdcurves, who loves Full Minute of Mercury, so, I guess by the transitive theory of equality, we love FMHg, too. (WeirdCurves)

*I'm afraid you have to be a fan of the obscure funk band Johnny Quest to get that reference, but for your own elucidation, just picture the award in your mind. -Eds


MG said...

What kind words on this chilly November day. I like the "FMHg" abbreviation. I'm gonna steal it. :-)

Here's a Hint said...

I saw Interpol on their last tour and while I really love that first album, there wasn't much the second album could do to get me out to see them again. Talk about boring as shit. The songs sounded EXACTLY like the album and they basically just stood there in their suits. Kinda lame for the massive fee you pay to ticketmaster and 930. Not to mention having to sit through Phaser. Since their latest album ain't their greatest, I passed.

But, more important than FMHg this weekend is Karmella's Game opening for them. Schoolgirl outfits + analog synths == good time.

nm said...

another new FMHg fan here. more gushing and photos.