Thursday, November 18, 2004

Murry in a Hurry (through my bowels, that is...)

DCers prowling the Golden Triangle are frequently treated to the sight of the Murry's "Fine" Foods trucks floating around. I just saw one, myself, this one bearing a generous helping of pictoral depictions of some of their wares.

Let's see. Hey, it looks like we got the Golden Breaded Lard Girders in healthy supply! And check out the yellowy sheen of their popular Deep Fried Chicken Recta(TM) Nibblz! And the piece de resistance--Oxen Testicles in Red Cattle Effluvia, nesting in a warm bowl of Boiled Tapeworm. Mmmm-mmmm, good!

I scouted the truck, because I wanted to make doubly sure they weren't going to pull up in the back of David Greggory, and then returned to the awesome task of caffeine procurement.


Anonymous said...

This post made me yearn for the Golden Era of Flaming BigYawn. Come on, DCeiver, bring the pain. As they say on the Globetrotter Homeworld, "Have none of you earthlings GAME?!"

The Deceiver said...

The Golden Era of Flaming Big Yawn...wasn't that just yesterday? What are you, that motherfucker from MEMENTO? Get that shit tattooed to your forehead and wake up to it every morning if you want.

One good reason for the G.E. of F.B.Y. to end, frankly, is that my main contention (shitty website) is getting mired in so much rhetorical goulash (and I admit I am as much to blame for it as anyone) that it's starting to look like my argument is that BY hurts people, or that you are stupid to go to BY. And if I allow that to subsume me, then I have become what I despise--namely, Blake Gopnik.

At any rate, if you want to read two better local music sites, submit yourself to the tender mercies of WeirdCurves and Seeking Irony.

And though it suffers from Pazz and Jop-itis, in that once again, I don't think bringing together a gaggle of critics in one room necessarily yields something extraordinary, the Forty Best American Bands thingy they have at [information leafblower] is a pretty engaging read--especially if you get into the comments section--friction generates energy, after all, and there's plenty of folks putting their necks out.

[You can get to any of the blogs I've mentioned by linking off my blogroll.]