Monday, November 08, 2004

October 2004--A Month of DCeption in Retrospect

Well, we're sorry we're about a week late with our October Retrospective, but that's what happens when your hard-fought electoral dreams become derailed because a bunch of asslickers in Ohio decide we have to divert our national defense to fighting gay people rather than actual mass-murderers. Nevertheless, this too shall pass. Besides, thanks to you, The DCeiver enjoyed it's best month yet. And that's even if you discount the generous boost the lovely Ana Marie Cox gave us at the end of the month. As per usual, we offer massive shout-outs to our friends in the blogosphere, who have spoken kind words on our behalf (I have "Like the Dec before it started to suck" tattooed on my ass), and who have even apologized for slights I can't even remember happening (it's all good, people), and who have just generally been the finest regional blogospiracy anyone could ever be a part of.

Here's what went down in Cocktober.

  • It was the Second Anniversary of the Sniper Attacks, and we remembered the good times. Next year, we'll remember the time we repurposed the content so we could take a short break.
  • Freddy Adu survived the jackbooted "no-fun" police thanks to some quick thinking students from Maryland.
  • The saga of the Washington baseball stadium continues--Mayor Williams skips town, anti-stadium forces know all is lost, and we caution about dual loyalty.
  • Jon Stewart comes to town, and David Patterson goes douchebag on me.
  • The fate of the free world is said to be wrapped up in the fabric of the National Football League and the Redskins match with the Packers, except that it totally turns out not to be true.
  • A pair of U.S. Senators go mental shithouse on us--one even claiming that the U.S. Capitol was gonna blow sky high during the election. If only.
  • The DCeiver shares some beers with Rob Goodspeed of the DCist in a meeting that future generations will hail as a meeting between the two greatest minds in the country, after Jack White and Barack Obama. DCeiver explains why it's not our fault that DC isn't as cool as it could be.
  • We repurpose the Killers fine song "Indie Rock and Roll" in order to capture the pulse of the local music scene. Mission accomplished.
  • The DCeiver lucks out, gets the Rehnquist thyroid cancer story before anyone else.
  • And Marion Barry--he's back and better than ever!


DCepticon said...

I want to know if it is safe for me to start my paranoid delusions of how the election was fixed and there can't can't be that many people afraid of ass sex in Ohio? Doc you gots to help me. The colors oh sweet esus the colors. Lay down sweet Moses ...

Anonymous said...

I have "Like the Dec before it started to suck" tattooed on my assand it's still true! keep on keeping on. etc.