Wednesday, November 17, 2004

OK, so I had a fantastic idea.

You know, the Big Yawn/DCeiver folderol could continue ad infinitum if I wanted it to. But, it has been correctly pointed out, my continuing it isn't very interesting for anyone.

I think that what one commenter had to say is right: Blogging, on one level, is essentially a safe promontory for a person to spout outrageous opinions. I do it. My pal Here's a Hint does it. If you ever read my man Castor Oil's blog, you know he can stick and move with the best of 'em.

But, maybe it would actually be very interesting if I did something different--if I invited the much maligned Big Yawn editors into my safe space to give back as good as they got? Tear down the barricades that allow me to toss grenades, and let them write their own story on these pages for all to see, and to remain in theoretical perpetuity? That might be different. That might be cool. At any rate, it would elevate things considerably.

So here's what I propose. I have been looking to do another Seven Deadly Questions featurette after the first one with HaH. I say, let's have me and the editors of Big Yawn each interview the other in the seven-question-over-email format. I'll give those guys the opportunity to ask me where I get off. And I'll run both interviews on this site, and give them permission (not that they need me permission) to run both on theirs. And it will be completely unexpirgated and unedited.

And let's not go into this with any preconceptions. If it ends up vitriolic, we'lll accept from the outset that that's allowed to happen. If its hugs all around, that's fine too. But I want to allow the discussion on this site about this matter to stop being so one sided, with me having final edit.

All right. Now I'm at least interested. I will email this post to those dudes, and invite them to contact me with the "Drop Me A Line" feature on my sidebar.

If any of you think this stands to a crushing bore, feel free to indicate so. But let's see if I don't end up getting what's coming to me, whatever that may be.


MG said...

Nice gesture. However, I think an effort like this is hardly worth the trouble. Frankly, I'm bored with this debate. You made your ability to follow and make a logical argument perfectly clear, as did the pro-Yawn folks. Readers have plenty of material in the last few posts and comments to decide if they want to read your blog, the Yawn, both or neither. Move on and write about something more interesting for me to read, please.

The Deceiver said...

With the greatest of pleasure. But you'll probably have to wait until tomorrow. I am struggling to wrestle two pieces to the ground.