Tuesday, November 23, 2004

On vacation.

With Thanksgiving days away, The DCeiver will be taking a bit of a break. We will be heading to the redoubtable town of Glen Ridge, New Jersey, to celebrate and sleep out our annual tryptophan hangover. While we may offer up something in the meantime, it seems more likely that we'll be mostly celebrating the holiday and gallivanting all over Jersey. (I have to stop by the liquor store today because apparently Jerseyans have never heard of bourbon.) The biggest reason we'll be taking a break is that I won't have very much to work with computer-wise while I'm up north.

If you need some content, go here. And if not, good. We'll see you when we get back on Monday, November 29.

And fair warning, The Deceiver is likely to go dark in December, as we plan on floating around the Caribbean on a boat for a week. Don't envy us, someone else paid. Otherwise it'd be another holiday of canned corn and A Christmas Story on the TV.

Have a good holiday, people. I'm thankful this year that Ron Artest doesn't write for Big Yawn, because Artest could fuck my shit up but good.

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