Monday, November 15, 2004

The Weekender, Part One: Full Minute of Mercury

The DCeiver spent Friday night down on U Street, for an evening of rock at the Velvet Lounge. After hearing the hivemind of the DC Blogspiracy stand and applaud local faves Full Minute of Mercury, I thought that I had to see what they'd do for an encore at their headlining gig. Beginning the evening at Polly's, we had the opportunity to meet up with FMHg guitarist Tom and lead chanteuse Kelly, who were impressive in how well they had scouted Juliette Lewis' filmography and in their patience for the smattering of references that only the Futurama obsessed would go around spouting.

There was a terrific crowd at the VL that evening. Apparently, Big Yawn's Masthead of the Obvious had decided en masse to attend the Pedro the Lion show, because I didn't run into any 4'3" indie rock critics who wanted to scowl and shove a red hot pair of fireplace tongs up my ass. (We look forward to hearing about the PtL show from them, and have heard they're trying to decide whether it's getting a 7.4 or a 7.6. on the Big Yawn Rating Scale of Super Awesomeness.) Many of the patrons that night supported me in my courageous campaign of
Being Nice to Sex Workers, as well as my fervent belief that if U2 can have their own iPod, then certainly someone should make a custom one for Gweneth Paltrow's kid Apple. (It's just the right thing to do, Mr. Jobs!)

We caught the lion's share of the opener,
Rockbot, who are from The DCeiver's semi-ancient stomping grounds of Richmond, Virginia. While I didn't think they were quite up to the level of Full Minute or second-on-bill Karmella's Game, this was a great band to start this bill off--fun, loud, and loaded with analog synth with a little humorous bravado thrown in for good measure. They were very reminiscent of The Rentals--so I was basically won over because it called to mind the Weezer family of rock (and I've been known to bust a track or two from the Chopper One CD, my bitches). I think that they've got a dark side somewhere in their sound that they might be smart to explore more further that could potentially knock their audiences off their guard. But I give them their props--I've seen plenty of amateur crap on local bills in DC, and Rockbot were steady in performance and confident in what they came to do.

Really, I only have one quibble. On their website, they state that they hail "from the unlikely streets of Richmond, Virginia." Forgive me for saying, but what's so unlikely about Richmond's streets? Sure, they celebrate civil war heroes and call Jeff Davis "the President" and they occasionally flood, but Richmond has a proud tradition of paved roads dating back to at least the month before I moved there. I will say this: making a left turn in Richmond on said streets is unlikely.

Next up was
Karmella's Game. These guys have one of the cutest websites around, though I have to admit, I spent hours trying to win on the website, until I realized that the theme was only, like, a metaphor, and there weren't any fabulous prizes to be had. But I digress. Would I recommend Karmella's Game to a friend? Damn skippy I would. I would recommend Karmella's Game to an enemy in the hopes I would make a new friend. Shit, I would recommend Karmella's Game to John Ashcroft, because this music would turn him into one sodomy-happy little puppy dog after about four songs. I can tell you that this is one of those bands that made me just want to lick rocketsauce off of somebody's ass. Tight, tight, rock, with harmony vocals pleasing the ears even as the high-energy analog synths and laser pointed guitars were shredding them to wee pieces.

And what can I say about your conquering heroes in Full Minute of Mercury. Yeah, they brought it, and I caught it, and they blew my mind before I thought it. They are full of punch, just tireless in their devotion to hunting fun down and serving it up to the audience before it can run away. Based on some previous MP3's the band made available, they've grown to be a really great band. I have no idea right now if lead singer Kelly was the vocalist on some of the stuff I heard before, but if so, she's gotten 300% better, and if not, then welcome Kelly, who's like every fun girl friend you ever had on college rolled into one. We're sorry to hear that FMHg will be losing their excellent bass player--who ranks pretty highly on the Official Mary Prankster Rock Charisma scale. The call-out of the evening was definitely the dude who shouted "No more turnover!" It'd be interesting to hear from Chris if FMHg is locked into needing a female voice at that position for the sake of sound or not, and how soon they make have a new bassist installed. This band's next gig is the first week of December--but if history is any guide, Full Minute just keeps on trucking. Chris has coached the band up pretty well, perhaps to the point that they can plug and play pretty readily. But at any rate, FMHg is fucking madcap, pyrotechnic abandon. I think you've got to put these guys on DC band A-list if they're not already there. And if this particular bill ever plays again, I'd say break your own neck to see it. This shit was the mad notes.

Part Two of The Weekender: Full Evening of Defenestration is coming later, and will describe how all you Kerry-loving fools can meet in secret someplace where the Bush administration can't do shit to hurt you, as well as describe how The DCeiver, sadly, missed an opportunity to Make A Difference.

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ah ha! i saw you, then (due to the HIPS shirt, which i thought was funny). actually, i was standing right behind you. pity i didn't say something!