Friday, November 19, 2004

The WEST WING Five Question Study Guide: "Lowering My CAFE Standards"

If you watched this week's West Wing, or even if you caught DCist's excellent coverage, one thing's pretty obvious: to use the parlance of our buddies at Television Without Pity, the Anvil Omnibus Package must have been passed out of conference committee.

Yes, the anvils fell from the sky from the show's opening moments--Car Collisions of Metaphor, Post-Traumatic Stress Similes, the pervasive sense that the Wellsian coupling rondelet was still spinning its wheels. It was tough to see the omens through the signs and portents! The Wife of Deceiver and I have an anviltastic tradition where we yell out "Clang!!!" every time one hits the ground. Having cued up the West Wing on a Thursday night for a double dip of John Wells skullduggery via ER, we clanged so often that our downstairs neighbors called up to ask if we had the Georgetown Men's Basketball Team over for shootaround.

Of course, you have to smirk at the West Wing titling their show "Hubbert's Peak." It's like the pot blurbing the kettle's autobiography. But then, this was the episode where The West Wing took on blogging. So, you know what that means...blogging is fucking soooooo yesterday, folks. Well, we've had a nice run.

So, then on to some questions for further study.

  1. You'll note that Mary McCormack appeared in the show tonight without the previously cited Ghastly Bangs. Is it too presumptuous of me to start taking credit?
  2. Wouldn't you say that the primitive cave drawings of early man were, in essence, the blogs of that era? Okay, they so totally weren't? But wouldn't you say that? Wouldn't you say that and then go ahead and write, say a research thesis saying it again? Because no one in the blogosphere is going to get the grant money we need until you pointy-head academic types start saying so. So write, motherfucker! Mush!
  3. I have always had a thing for Rachael Harris, who appeared in several scenes. When she's on TV, my vision gets all blurred and tunnelly and I swear you can hear Spandau Ballet playing in the, could any of you tell me what went on in those scenes?
  4. Wouldn't you think that Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth would have had, by now, ample opportunity to get My Fair Fucking Lady out of her system?
  5. Television writers often settle on a good idea without thinking their way through to a great one. In this case, the good idea is that the President must play a weekly chess game. But isn't the GREAT idea that the President must play a weekly game of jai alai?

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Jake said...

West Wing was great, got retarded, got SUPER retarded (stunt casting and car bombs and peace in the middle east, oh my), and then they finally got smart and realized that boring is better than E.R.-ridiculous. It looks from last night's promo, however, that they want to rush right back into retarded again. Oh well, it was a not-horrible couple of episodes, at least.