Friday, December 10, 2004

Calling all Enthusiasts!!

Many years ago, in New Orleans, there was a band called Ezra. At about the same time, there was another band...let's call them, say, Rotoscope. And they hated Ezra. So they rechristened themselves "Better Than Ezra" and rode to limited fame and fortune on the back of the song "Good." Now, Better Than Ezra is coming to the 9:30 club. Why not start a band today, name yourself "Ezra" and roll out to the nine-three-o tonight and tell those tossers in Better Than Ezra, "You really think you're better than us? Well, then...let's DANCE!" For effect, wear a beer bottle on all your fingers and plink them together, like in that movie, The Warriors. Seriously. Go do this.

I would still very much like to sell Christopher Henley on my idea for his next one-person show--titled "An Evening with Christopher Henley--Live! Nude! Onstage!"--but he hasn't returned The DCeiver's phone calls. Still, we can't not, indeed we must, recommend Chris, directed by Robert McNamara (a DCeiver fave), in Wallace Shawn's The Fever. It's on through January 9, Wednesdays-Saturdays at The Warehouse Theatre on 7th Street, NW. Brought to you by the good folks at Scena. (Seriously Chris, I'll get McNamara to direct Live, Nude! Call me!)

Are you one of those people who's just got to be different at Christmastime? Or have you simply been fantastizing about enshrouding your gifts to loved ones in an inpenetrable fortress of origami this yuletide. Guess what, bitches? It is ON! Get your rump to the Torpedo Factory this Sunday at 3pm and learn the art of Japanese Gift Wrapping! It'll be sashimitastic! And why not stick around and browse the Torpedo Factory's own artists' wares, which truly aren't any better or worse than the stuff Blake Gopnik slagged at Art-O-Matic? At 105 North Union Street in Alexandria. Totally free.

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