Friday, December 17, 2004

Calling all Enthusiasts!

The DCeiver had one fantastic time last night at the DCist happy hour at Big Hunt. It was awesome to meet the rest of DCist, whose authors also write fantastic sites like "Hong Kong Danger Goodspeed", "La Narcissisme Sans Requite", "Settled? Ha! Never, you Fool! Never!", "Leaves of Information Aloft, Dancing Like a Plastic Bag in that Movie with the Girl from Ghost World", "Get Your Eat On", "Crouching Grayson, Hidden Yakusha", and, no doubt, soon, many, many more that I don't even have half-assed pet-names for. DCist is awesome, people, and remember, the more you read DCist, the better the odds that one day, Jen Chung will let DCist expense our happy hours.

Also, it should be pointed out, last night...the chill in the air...the lovely smattering of Xmas lights up around Dupont and spokes...folks bringing trees home...what a lovely time of the year this is for the DC area. So, come out from behind whatever barricade or bivouac the season's got you stuck behind, and enjoy the coming week!

Check it: you have a "Festival of Lights" on 9900 Stoneybrook Drive in Kensington, a "Garden of Lights" at the Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, a "Miracle of Lights" at Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, and a "Symphony of Lights" on Broken Land Parkway in Columbia. Without doubt, there is probably somewhere an "Orgy of Lights", a "Cavalcade of Lights", a "Grand Festooning of Lights", a "Series of Unfortunate Lights", a "Rose Garden Funeral of Lights", and a "Holy Fucking Shit! Look at those Lights" you could be attending this weekend. So don't get stuck staring at the spotlights outside the Ellington!

Art-O-Matic's releasing a CD? Can Art-O-Matic tell us what's on the CD? No. Do we know how the CD came about? No. Are the bands that will be in attendence, like Villarosie and Pure Light Seed going to be on this CD? Seriously, it's anybody's guess. But can you, if nothing else, take the CD and wing it at Blake Gopnik's head? Why yes. Yes you can. Sunday at DC9, with Pure Light Seed and Shahid Mustafa, Renee Heartfelt, Villarosie, Wes Tucker, and Koshari--$6.

DC Welcomes the King and Queen of Baltimore
It's a John Waters Christmas at the Nightclub called 9:30. This coming Tuesday, join Mister Mondo Trasho for some stand-up, some Q&A, and some relief from all the desperate living you've been doing. Should be tres fun, and my oh my, it wouldn't be XXXmas without saying your Ave Maria Prankster a few times for luck, would it? Mary will be on hand to kick the whole thing off with her immaculate DCeptions.

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