Friday, December 17, 2004

Calling More Enthusiasts!

Feeling a bit flu-ey today, which might explain why I almost forgot to mention that this weekend at IOTA is the Christmas Homestand Weekend for those rootsy darlings of Arlington, Last Train Home. Join Jim, Alan, Eric, Bill, Martin, Scott, Kevin, along with Dave Van Allen, maybe Doug Derryberry, Jared Bartlett, Chris Watling, that dude who cooks at Cafe Saint-Ex, that other guy who sort of looks like my friend Mad Dog from Grad School that kind of annoys me (that other guy annoys me, not Mad Dog--he's a prince), probably Phoebus'll stop by and get a turn, Stoner and Boner the Santa Claus Twins and God knows who the fuck else on Iota's Noel-bedecked stage and officially welcome the holiday season into your heart. Steve McWilliams opens on Friday, Yell County opens Saturday, and don't forget to bring your kids to the Sunday matinee for a smoke-free show with the Kevin Cordt Quartet opening (we think, IOTA's site says something different.) ($12/$8 Sunday)

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