Thursday, December 02, 2004

The DCeiver is so restrained!

You have to give me credit, yo. I ain't even piling on as far who is pimping the bogus Coachella line-up today, of all days. Heck, regardless of the fact that Defamer debunked the rumor 24 hours ago, I fully expect the debunked lineup to have some similarity to the eventual lineup. So, glass houses.

And besides, I want to snake me some of their beer tomorrow night!



TUL said...

What can I say, it was a slow day so I did what any self-respecting blogger would do... who doesn't love barrel scrapping?

The Deceiver said...

Barrel scrapings? I call those "dietary staples."

The best thing about Coachella is that predicting it beforehand is essentially shooting fish in a barrel. Chances are some of the bands you predict will play and those that don't will only replaced by that months newest and hottest version of that band anyway. And it's not like anyone should complain.

Now, if someone says some shit like Jackyl is playing, that's when the talons come out. have to admit, a Jackyl-headlined Coachella would be fucking awesome.