Tuesday, December 07, 2004

DCeptette: In the words of Amy Poehler version

  1. Do you dare doubt the usefulness of DC Craigslist now?! (Craigslist)
  2. Wow, yesterday in the DC area was arson-fucking-tastic! Merry Christmas everyone! The serial arsonist is back in the news, striking Prince George's County for the 17th time. Apparently, there's a Serial Arsonist Task Force that now investigates these things--it sounds to me like one of those business consulting scams: "Yeah," they say, "We'll come in and tell you how to catch the serial arsonist." Then a month goes by and they're all: "Our recommendation is that you hire us full time to catch the serial arsonist." So you do that and then it's all golf shirts and pinatas until the arsonist hits, and then they're all: "Okay, look nice and grave for the cameras." You just know Chief Moose's new book is going to be called: I Could Have Caught that Arsonist Dude, But You Had To Go and Piss Me Off. Also, we got "independent" fires at a DC Charter School--for a minute there I thought the Serial Arsonist got signed to a major label. Hell yeah! Gimme indie arson, bitches! Then I read and saw that it's the classic definition of "independent." Also, environmentalists burn a housing development down to protect the environment--apparently, they've been reading a lot of O. Henry during the holiday season. (DCist)
  3. Richard Leiby takes a minute to remind us of the show Ally McBeal. Ohhhhh, my eyes!! It burrrrrnns! It BURRRRRRNNNNS!! (Reliable Source)
  4. Fairfax planners have envisioned a mini-city at the Vienna Metro Stop, complete with it's own terrible music scene. So, to all you Arlingtonians riding the inbound Orange line during rush hour: take a picture, because pretty soon you'll never ride that train again. (Post)
  5. Yeah, I farted! Jealous?! (GOP Poophole)

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