Monday, December 13, 2004

DCeptette: Keep watching the skies version

  1. Holy shit. Uhhh, Merry Christmas, everyone. Now calm the fuck down. Violence breaks out at a pom-pom meet. A pom-pom meet! The Post isn't specific, but it looks like a 41 year old woman hit a 14 year old girl over the head with a trophy. A trophy! Wow. To all a goodnight, I guess. (Post)
  2. Someone told Sarah Lewitinn, prior to her coming to DC that the Black Cat "is the only cool bar to go to in DC." Um, Sarah? You know je vous adorez and all, but whoever told you that is what The DCeiver refers to as "a motherfucking idiot." And why on earth were your friends waiting for you at Coyote Ugly? Now that place is a monument to lame. Next time, call ahead, and we'll get those cats in Bluestate to help. (Note to Bluestate: You guys should totally commandeer one of those spotlights outside Alero on U and make your own Bluestate signal.) (Ultragrrrl)
  3. Lonely Craigslist musician, I wonder: How would "All By Myself" sound if you played it to yourself. (Craigslist)
  4. Speaking of music--Here's a Hint and other dis-enthusiasts of jam-band music will appreciate how the Washington Post categorized their article on Umphrey's McGee. (Peep the pic, below; Post)

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  5. Having slagged home-school mecca Patrick Henry College before, I was prepared to have to suck it up when they beat Oxford University in an academic competition, but now that I've seen the context of the competition, a moot court face-off in which the case concerned "a fictitious breach-of-contract case involving millionaire Foghorn Leghorn who sued sculptor Melvin Muttley over a disputed purple boll weevil statue", I can only say that this has bolstered my many previous points. Patrick Henry College: Preparing Crazy Pseudo-Christian Social Misfits for Some Sort of Post-Graduate FantasyLand. (GOP Suckpump)

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