Friday, December 17, 2004

DCeptette: Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) Version

  1. So it turns out that Maryland undergraduate Michael Sumner's iPod giveaway/exchange is actually part of an elaborate dissertation on internet fraud. Dude. Wow. I tip my hat. Balls the size of churchbells! And here's why this is legit--he didn't just defraud students who feel oddly compelled to get pyromaniacal when ESPN flashes Gary Williams' stern visage. He snowed folks at all levels. This reminds me of the old "Last Chance! Send $1" classified ads. Moreover, kudos to anyone who makes their dissertation that fun. (The Upstate Life)
  2. Aaron Speed, security guard at the Hunters Brooke subdivision, is arrested and charged with arson. Somewhere the serial arsonist is stroking his hairless cat and thinking, "Feh. Amateur." (Post)
  3. Ye Olde Convention Center is going the way of the Kingdome tomorrow. Implosion fans should have booked their room at the Renaissance Washington a long time ago. (Post)
  4. It may look like a hateful screed from one happy drunk to a "sucker-punching bitch", but I ask you, doesn't it really feel like love at first sight? (Craigslist)
  5. Psychotic duellist Zell Miller will personally salute the shiteaters of Swift Boat Scumbags for Slander at the American Conservative Union's Banquet in February. It will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building, where coincidentally, I'll be toasting the Building Engineers for Large Piles of Dynamite. So, if you miss out on tomorrow's implosion... (ABC News)

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