Thursday, December 02, 2004

DCeptette: Ulstermen on parade version

  1. The DCist crew gets their interview ear-tag on Travis Morrison (whose Travistan we have been grooving to--BTW, Trav, the Wife of Deceiver says of "Front Teeth...": "Wow. From a music theory standpoint, this is one of the most interesting songs I've heard in a while--check out the freaky modulations!") and Morrison describes Washington DC, in part, as "southern and sleepy." All Washingtonians are contractually required to describe DC in this way. We thank Travis for fulfilling his legal obligation in this regard, and wish him Godspeed on the whole rocking my body thing... (DCist)
  2. Residents of the neighborhood near Catholic University (where our beloved lawyer-to-be and frequent tipster Shayna gets her matriculation on) plan to organize orange-clad patrols to prevent crime. Umm, guys? I don't know if you guys know any Irish Catholics, but they tend to get twitchy around people dressed in orange. Why not a "Defend Brookland" hoodie? (WRC Channel 4)
  3. Ahhh, Craiglist. We missed you. (Craigslist)
  4. The WMATA Board, apparently, doesn't ride Metro's Trains and Buses. Let's not start snarking on the Post--sometimes you need to go through the reportorial motions so that the seemingly obvious can be brought into the illuminated realm of the totally fucking obvious. (Post)
  5. "Just because an animal grunts or growls doesn't mean it lacks the sophistication for a casual chat." Indeed, this is true. In fact, some dumb simians publish their own newspaper! (Guess Which One!)

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