Thursday, December 09, 2004

Disturbing, crazy-ass Washington Wizards Dolls.

Truly horrifying... Posted by Hello

Are you a Washington area stalker who wants to get that special someone a gift designed to put the fear of the estranged and unholy into them, or are you just a fan of human likenesses that have been inflated and distended so as to look as if the subject was the victim of some sort of massive cranial gout? Well, head to and buy some tickets in their latest promotion and you'll receive a set of Washington Wizards Nesting Dolls along with your tickets, to do with what you please.

I don't know what to make of these distressing things myself. Fucking Kwame Brown looks like Lavar Arrington, if you ask me. These are some frightening visages, if you ask me. Except of course, for the Steve Blake doll--Blake in person looks like he's been slapped and rammed by the White-Trash Stick O' Fugly about seven or eight hundred times. His doll, on the other hand, makes him look as if the bone structure of his face was the result of healthy DNA instead of the overchlorinated chromosomal crisps he passes on through his ejaculate. However healthy his doll-version, however, it's hard to justify owning a Steve Blake-anything, even a Steve Blake that pops out of Gilbert Arenas intestinal tract.

Now, if they had made an Etan Thomas doll, I'd have bought one myself. That dude is like butter.

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