Thursday, December 16, 2004

Drop Cropp drops by.

Soon after we read the news that "AKA Wonkette" has posted, we got an email from DropCropp's/ own Jessica Cox, urging us to sign a petition to recall Linda Cropp.

We replied:

Dearest Jessica:

When I think about all the massive effort and frenzied passion that you and yours are putting into trying to procure a baseball team, saddens me. It makes me wonder..."Is it, say, crippling conjunctivitis that has caused this terrible lack of

I dare you to walk into Bread For The City and shout: "Never fear citizens! Jessica Cox will get you your baseball team!" Don't be surprised when no one thanks you.

Really, couldn't you maybe, stop this Linda Cropp nonsense, and get in a room with your coworkers and say, "I know, guys! Let's see if maybe we can contribute in some way to catching the serial arsonist!"

Seriously. Do just that. Right now! You will feel better about yourself. You can do it! You can, in fact, today, decide to give some people in the actual world outside your little pea-brain some help!

And, lo, the people of DC will say, that Jessica's brain GREW THREE SIZES that day!

Because that guy, he's actually setting stuff on fire. Baseball in DC is a "pretend concern." How about working on what might be called an "actual" concern.

And next time you solicit me, you should really stop and read The DCeiver first.

Drop this,

The DCeiver

Remember: when the issue is insignificant, the outcome inconsequential, the stakes low and the reward is non-existent, Jessica Cox will be there, ignoring the needs of actual people.

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