Friday, December 10, 2004

The Five Question WEST WING Study Guide: Ou sont les Bartlets d'antan?

  1. Air Force One is wheels up at 3:05pm, travelling to China. Assuming normal headwinds and a constant velocity of a plane like Air Force One, and knowing the plane was going to make one stop in Alaska before continuing on its way, from how many miles away did you see Bartlet's MS paralysis coming?
  2. After the tease, WIfe of DCeiver turned to me and said, "Holy shit. They aren't really going to make this about Penn and fucking Teller, are they?" Tell me you didn't have the same reaction.
  3. Most of us grew up under the reigns of Surgeon Generals that weren't nearly so attractive. How did the weird sartorial choices of people like C. Everett Koop inspire you to put gallons of bad chemicals in your body.
  4. When Hollywood casts it's version of a Fantasy Republican, they hire Alan Alda. Who would your Fantasy Democrat be? It would be Don Cheadle wouldn't it? Just say it would be Don Cheadle because you know I'm totally right.
  5. Contemplating how this episode left the future campaigns of the various Presidential contenders, what do you predict has been set up? A) Josh is totally going to run for office himself. B) Josh brings back Sam Seaborn to run. C) Alan Alda runs and wins. D.) Bartlet gets even more FDR happy, runs again E) asteroid from next week mercifully wipes out the planet F) NBC cancels the show before any of these questions have to get answered.

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