Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Five Question WEST WING Study Guide: One Big Platter of Pu Pu

You know, there was a time where The West Wing moved us with it's passionate belief in idealism, from all parties, at all levels. People wanted to have an active debate. People wanted to make a difference. Public service had a real transformational power over the people who carried it out. Find me five more votes and ye shall be HEALED, child! I'ma reach across the EYE-YELL! I'ma read t'ya...from the cahnst'-TOO-SHUN! Annuit coeptis, my bitches!

Well, those days are gone. But this week, The West Wing at least found something recognizable in the political world--a certain truth, let's say--that the show could hook on to: in politics, the people who come together to start something beautiful eventually end up at each others' throats. (A whispered aside to W: That's right, dildo. It'll happen to you, too. Watch this.)

Let's get cynical, people.

  1. I liked this episode! Does this mean: a) the show is getting better b) I am getting stupider c) the show has gotten so bad that its become some kind of, like, reverse television vampire or some sort of bad metaphor like that d) the show is MAKING me stupid, I mean, "reverse vampire?"--that doesn't make any sense, or e) it's just a bad show, stop watching...fucking STOP WATCHING IT!
  2. When President Bartlet was having his bowtie done by Charlie "Egg Fu" Young, is it just me, or was the President sorta coming on to him?
  3. True or false: There was no scene in last night's show that wouldn't have been improved at least 50% if the writers had simply had a group of, say, 12 sleestaks from the Land of the Lost enter the room and start marauding (as I have been begging NBC to do for weeks, now).
  4. Looks like the President is going to finally succumb to MS. And we'll be along for the ride. Don't you see this ending with Bartlet, on his knees in Lafayette Park in a driving thunderstorm, crying out: "Bring me more stem cells, dammit! I must have more stem cells!" If not, how do you see this ending? DO you see it ending soon? Please?
  5. Hmmm. In this episode, the President is lauded for the way he walked away from the Presidency when Zoey was abducted, but secretly, he's hiding the fact that he maybe should step down again. That's pretty ironic. So why didn't the writers connect it? DId they use up all their anvils during the blogger episode?
  6. BONUS: Seriously. What the fuck was that fork trick Leo was doing all about? Is he some sort of kung fu teacher, now?

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