Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Five Question WEST WING Study Guide--Chinese Democracy

  1. If NASA is filled with people who are jittery alarmists in the midst of a debilitating panic attack, what kind of drugs do they give astronauts so that they'll climb into metal deathtraps filled with jet fuel and fly around in space?
  2. In the final scene of the show, various people are shown rushing into Bartlet's cabin on Air Force One. What is going on? A) Bartlet's totally dying, and CJ is frantically building a cross to nail him to before it's too late, B) Bartlet's massively pooped his pants out of exhaustion, C) celebratory orgy up in there, sorry, Toby, you're not invited, D) all of the above.
  3. Given what we knowof Josh Malina's character--and, really, cast your mind back to when we first met him in the O.C.--isn't it totally implausible he could have hitched his wagon to Russell. Last week, he said: "God willing, Russell becomes President." Does Wells understand character development at all?
  4. Donna has so totally gone to work for Vinnick, hasn't she? Does this mean we'll have Josh and Donna on different sides of a election battle--a sort of Carville/Matalin pairing that reimagines Carville and Matalin as spongy, emotionally distant wusses instead of the horrifying, unlikeable pair of clown-masked freaks that they are in real life?
  5. One of the more powerful scenes took place in Bartlet's Chinese powder room, as he beat his useless legs and declaimed, "I can't do the job! Look at me! Look at me!" Why didn't Abigail reply: "Oh, no you di'int! Who just HAD to run again? Who just HAD to be President one more time?"

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