Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Holidays from The DCeiver

Geez, did you see the Sports page of the Washington Post? The most dangerous place in DC is the space between Harold Brazil and a camera. Ten days and that asshat is gone.

We're fixing to take a hiatus around here in the Diner Media Family, in order to best prepare for Christmas visits and the like. We'll be catching up on sleep, visiting family, working on a big revision, planning End-Of-Year shit across the board, and listening to our favorite tunes. You people have already made December 2004 The DCeiver's best month since we began, and while some credit, I suppose must go to the Wonketteers who stopped by on their way to some bar, The DCeiver says unto all, Merry Christmas Blah Blah Cakes.

We'll be taking a break starting tonight and we will return on the 30th. But in the meantime, we might as well put the blog to some use. I'll be opening up some open entries and I hope you people will make use of the comments to thread some discussions of your own.

Enjoy. Talk to you again in a week, unless I say screw it and talk to you sooner.

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