Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hey, DC! If you just had the strange feeling...

...that Tony "Bohica"* Williams rammed a baseball bat up thine, that's because the latest stadium finance deal has passed.

The deal that has been struck is that Williams will occasionally pretend to look for private financing for the stadium to alleviate the burden on DC's taxpayers, and the DC Council has basically promised to not hold him to accounts or say anything untoward about the bow-tied genius when he puts forth nary a scintilla of effort to do so.

Actually, we're inclined to put some money down on Williams and the city not even occasionally pretending to look for private financing.

Throughout the whole debate, the snake oil we've been asked to bathe in is this notion, straight out of Candyland, that paying for a new stadium will somehow "revitalize" some "neighborhood." This sort of economic development canard is the sort of thing you can reliably expect from the economic center-right leaners. To be sure, we're not going to offer a blanket "that never works" because it can, in fact, work. But when the two most reliably center-right people on the DC Council vote AGAINST it, as Schwartz and Catania did today, that should tell you something.

And, of course, this whole showdown was designed to occur before the new Council steps in--the rejected Council members, Sandy Allen, Harold Brazil, and Kevin Chavous, showed up to vote for a measure their former constituents didn't want. Those three have a distinguished Council career of gaming the system and fucking their constituents, so at least they're consistent. It's too bad that it's illegal to strip the three of them naked, shave their bodies and force them to run down the street as the citizens jeered like the French whores who used to sell their services to the occupying Germans, because it would be a satisfying way for Washington to enjoy the end of their service to the city.

Oh, well. I look forward to many blog entries titled, "Told you so." People say Mayor Williams is some sort of sane, responsible alternative to Barry-style cronyism? Ahh, the mordant laughter--Williams is but the Barry turd polished. Some things never change. Like DC taxpayers getting fucked on yet another white elephant, pants-down reaming. Just when I thought I could maybe close the book on BOHICA, we instead begin a whole new chapter.

Tough titties, Washington. Enjoy the shitty baseball team.

*BOHICA=Bend over, here it comes again.

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