Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Juniper Lane is Alive and Well and Playing IOTA

Thanks to a heads-up poster on Here's a Hint, we have been alerted to news of Juniper Lane, a band we love to death.

You can see the news for yourself on their website, but if your mouse is broken or you just can't be bothered to click over, we'll break it down for you:

1. Juniper Lane has not broken up.
2. Vivion is still alive and mending.
3. They will be playing IOTA on January 15.


And while I'm kicking some gig news around, come see the show that apparently has the the AMS board buzzing in apoplectic anger for reasons passing understanding: February 17th at IOTA, come see The Pharmacy Prophets, The Hard Tomorrows and Exit Clov on one bill.

And I may as well pass along the link that clued me in to the Juniper Lane goodness to an unrelated story that is nevertheless HILARISTERICALICIOUS! If you are interested in participating in an area tribute album to DImebag Darrell*--a project that's is sure to be a big whopping, dripping, explosive sucktasm such as the world has not seen (lately), then go go go go go!

*Earlier this week, someone used the search terms "Dimebag Darrell and Magnetic Ribbons" to find my site. If this means every banger and hesher minivan's going to soon get a commemorative ribbon on their tailgate, color us annoyed.**

**Why have I been using all these footnotes? Do I think I'm David Fucking Foster Fucking Wallace or something?

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