Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Hey kids, wanna contribute to The Diner Media Empire? Well, we're working on putting together our end of year posting, and we're gonna try to accentuate the positive. Talk about only the good things.

So, take some time and relax and think of the best stuff you saw or did or ate or sniffed or injected or hung on your wall this year. I don't care what it was, a ringtone, an act of protest or coitus, a bookmark, a mosquito bite. If it was good, let us know. Don't worry about having ten or five or two or twenty things, either. Go ahead and leave it as a comment. Try to have fun with it, don't do it if it's not any fun. And have a good holiday season, whether you're looking forward to celebrating Jesus crawling out of Mary's womb or a bunch of awesomely long-lasting oil or the Ramadan sales at CVS or the Continuing Adventures of Kwanzaa Man. See you soon, people.

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