Monday, December 06, 2004

See what happens when you dis the Terrapins?

Clearly, lowering the boom like that in Maryland upset the karmic balance of the college basketball universe so that it was set slightly against me, because UVA lost to Iowa State tonight.

New Rule: No more yelling at Terps on a game day.

And, yes. I'm one of those types of sports fans. I thought Fever Pitch was written about me, not Nick Hornby.

Gotta admit, though, the Cyclones were straight ballin'. They haven't looked that good since that fatter version of David Duchovny was their coach--remember him? Before he started going to frat parties and ripping on his own players while trying to fondle Big 12 Sorority cooze? What was his name? Who cares. That three pointer Stinson shot at the end was hellacious. Singletary drove the lane thinking that he'd get a foul called on him. Sean, man, remember, you're a rook.

All right, Upstate Life. You've won this round...

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