Friday, December 17, 2004

Today's Yadda-Yadda Baseball-Cakes Update

Whose side am I on? Wow. That's a tough question: Linda Cropp, Tony Thrilliams, Peter Angelos, the DC Council, Major League Baseball--that's a murderer's row any way you slice it! How about I'm on the side of the Earth's tectonic plates, as they wait for all parties to find themselves above a suddenly yawning chasm?

Now we have these new ninnies from DropCropp-dot-Whateverandeveramen? Say what you want about Cropp's own double-dealing and disingenuousness (it helps her fit in with all the parties listed above in their race-to-the-bottom character self-annihilation quest), but offending the delicate honor of Major League Baseball has to be the most asinine reason given for recalling a public official in the history of public officials. The tide of public opinion in DC is so clearly running against the plan Williams has concocted, that the only thing I find strange about Cropp's action is that it actually aligns with her constituent's wishes! Cropp's been jacking the people and jacking the people and jacking the people and jacking the people for YEARS now, and the DropCropp types wre only too content to issue nary a peep--never was heard a discouraging word! But, the minute Cropp jacks the corporate loons at Major League Baseball, suddenly the claws come out!

There's a word for that, and it's PHONY. Phony, phony, phony. Fake, counterfeit, not genuine, false, spurious, dubious, fraudulent. Gonna get my ass to Eastern Market this weekend to buy me some snake oil while the market's flooded with product!

But beyond all this, why doesn't anyone recognize that this whole deal with baseball is disingenuous by design and has been disingenuous from jump street? Isn't it O.B.V.S. that Tony and the MLB concocted a timetable specifically designed to finalize this deal while three of his reliable yes votes (Allen, Brazil and Chavous) were still lame-ducking? That there was never any real plan to put forth the best possible, good-faith argument in favor of housing a baseball team; that, in fact, careful plans were undertook to ensure that the need for the best possible, good-faith argument in favor of housing a baseball team would never come to pass? Ahh, DC. Baseball is a fine pastime, but DC clearly only was offered the Expos because the owners knew they could give DC the bummest of all bum steers.

Lay no wreath of triumph on the brow of Linda Cropp, but thank good fortune that at least one phony found a phony way to sell out all the other phonies and accidentally forestall a larger and more destructive city-wide shafting. Bug Selig and his goons have been holding municipalities hostage and making demands of taxpayers for years. Going forward, maybe other cities and municipalities will learn from this and say, "You know what? We don't have to bend over for these gangsters!" DC residents may be forced to admit Linda Cropp was the instrument of their will, but I think it's fair for DC residents to take credit for themselves for drawing the line, and not being snowed by a heap of phony sentimental bullroar--and I encourage DCers to take specific pride in it. It's Washington's first Major League win in a long time.

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