Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The annotated Rotoscope

According to Rotoscope's website:

Although they've often been described as a female fronted Coldplay, ROTOSCOPE could actually be classified, (if it were ever necessary) as an experimental or innovative dual-fronted alternative band.

1. I would be shocked to find anyone in attendance at a Rotoscope show spontaneously describe this band as a female fronted Coldplay. This band is not an anything-fronted Coldplay. They couldn't be Coldplay if Coldplay themselves decided to front this band.

2. "Dual fronted"? Who the fuck talks like that? Just say "with two lead singers", you fucking ponce!

3. I love the "experimental or innovative" touch. It's like saying ice is "cold or frozen."

4. Also, they site Jeff Buckley as a reference. If I ever heard them doing a Jeff Buckley song, the question that would consume me would be: "Holy shit! How fast can I kill myself?"

I need to ask Shayna if there's anything actionable here for Coldplay or Buckley's estate.

I wonder: what is the ratio of Photos of Courtney Totushek That Look As If They Were Snapped Moments After She Was Brained In the Back of the Head with a Tire Iron to Photos of Courtney Totushek That Look As If All Cognitive Function is Normal?

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