Thursday, January 20, 2005

Daily Show Segment on DC

Bob Wiltfong or however you spell his name did a hilarious correspondent piece in DC for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Hilaricakes. If you missed it, it'll rerun tomorrow at 7pm and 11:30pm.

Honestly, I don't know what I found funnier: Councilman Evans being referred to as "The White Guy" and made to look like the dweebie he is, the folks in Ben's Chili Bowl with their matter-of-fact ripostes on the Inauguration or the wonderful end bit where he asks a masseuse to "do the nipples." But I'll tell you who I like the best: Lawrence the 80's sweater wearing, always on point snark machine, biting back with gusto. If The DCeiver catches you at Ben's, Lawrence, we're totally buying your lunch.

The one thing I wished TDSwJS covered was the hotel package that provides two actors to pose as your personal Secret Service agents. First, you have to be a douchebag to voluntarily play a secret service agent for out of town pricks attending the inaugural. Second, you have to be a long, tall, drink of asswipings from concentrate to actually hire two people to follow you around portraying secret service agents. Third, you have to be some kind of brick to the skull, noncompoopy bitch-ass to be so insensitive to what's going on in the world--I mean, it was only yesterday some clown and his gas tank of reknown were downtown making with the threats--those were REAL lives at stake, you let's-pretend-we're-somebody-important-when-chances-are-the-life-you've-led-has-been-one-of-such-intense-head-scratching-selfishness-that-I-doubt-anyone-really-would-cry-if-you-were-killed-by-a-dirty-bomb-tomorrow-taint-wrangler.

However, to have the vision to see the comic possibilities of fake secret service agents on the loose in DC, in over their head and forced into a escalating series of comical incidents, and convert that into a screenplay, well, then you'd have to be brilliant. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see if Michael Bay is still awake.

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